just like that

Chocolate remnants fill the nooks and crannies
Families gather, congregating in celebration
Bulbs become blossoms
While bunnies hide eggs

A far cry from a week ago
The panicked texts
Everyone is okay
But everything is gone

One moment, they were waking up
One moment, preparing for the day
One moment, Léa-Rose smelled something
It smells funny

The imagined dialogue fills my head
Papa… Qu’est-ce que c’est?
The smell, maman. I don’t like it
I’ll go look, love

Fire was what they found
The basement in flames
Their home smoldering
Soon, everything gone

Just like that
Everyone is okay
But they lost everything
They are safe, in shock

It began in the basement
Thank goodness it was 8 am
An electrical fire
Thank goodness they were awake

Everyone is okay
But everything is not
All worries changed
As gratitude and grief slip in

Friends gather and give
Love surrounds the broken hearts
Their lives transformed
Just like that

My cousin and his family lost their home this week. I wish I had the ability to help, in the ways that distance doesn’t allow. So much love to you three.