two for tuesday

two for tuesday #5

This week, most of my free moments were spent with All the Light We Cannot See in my hands. Lunch hours, waiting for the bus, at breakfast. All the in-between moments were spent reading it. The book centres upon two individuals during the second world war. Marie-Laure is a blind French girl, and Werner is a smart German orphan, recruited by the Nazis. Their stories weave together in coincidences. It was beautifully written, with lovely lines like: “From afar, the smoke appears strangely solid, as though carved from luminous wood.” and “There is only chance in this world, chance and physics.” The book’s short chapters (usually 2-3 pages each) made for a incredibly readable book, perfect for the in-between parts of my day.

My second thing, is this lovely song by Genevieve, which has been on repeat this week.


two for tuesday #4

The past few months, I’ve been devouring podcasts. They’re an excellent thing to have on in the background as I work. One that I really fell for (and am noticeably missing now that they’re on break!) is Invisibilia. It’s a podcast about all the invisible things in our lives. Be from fear to quantum entanglement, they cover a lot. The stories were diverse and human. I’m looking forward to when they return.

Alexandra Franzen always makes me reflect with her posts. Her latest, Hard is not a reason, was just that. One of those little seeds, to plant in the back of my head, that will show up when I need it.


two for tuesday #3

This weekend, I had the pleasure of cooking for my guy’s family for the first time. Him and I did it together, making a lovely roast beef. It was soft enough for his grandparents both to eat, and everyone enjoyed themselves. After the meal, while everyone else cleared out, I sat and talked with his grandmother. Her dementia is slipping in, so all stories recur. You watch her joy, sadness, and pride cycle with each story. Each telling adds different details, glacially introducing new stories. She lights up each time she tells me about her grandchildren. She halts each time she mentions deaths, honouring that sadness and those lost. She smirks recounting funny moments of decades past. The stories fill out in my mind, as each iteration brings forth a new emphasis or detail. Slowly, she shares herself, and what she cares about (in a word: family).

As they’re leaving, she holds my hand. Pointing to my guy, her eyes light with mischief and she tells me “he’s in love with you” like it’s a secret and it’s her turn to scream it from the rooftops.

This week, there was nothing big I felt needed to be shared. Just little moments, like the one above. In the same vein, of sharing food with those you love, this post by Shauna Ahern has been one I keep coming back to. She writes about the reintroduction of ritual into their family meals. Friday Pizza Night, Sushi Sunday, Meat & Potatoes Monday. How a plan for each day breeds creativity, while also adding comfort and eliminating waste.


two for tuesday #2

Today, I happened upon two posts, with no real relation between them. The first, from the incredible Cheryl Sternman-Rule, reminds of the magic of home. The value of fresh eyes, and how easy it is to miss the wonder right in front of us. Her post, I know a place where everything’s amazing, was lovely, and had me missing home a little bit! (Which, is why this post’s photo is one I took a few years ago, in our living room. Oh, how I loved to dance on those floors.)

The second piece is a little bit more on the news-y side of things. It’s also decidedly on the science side of things. You see, researchers at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne created the first image of light behaving as both a particle and a wave. On EPFL’s site, they have a sweet little video to explain it all, too! And, if you’re interested in the quantum and nano aspects of it all, the paper is in Nature Communications. I study nanotechnology (and a little bit of quantum mechanics) in school, so it’s fascinating to learn how they did it. Light has long been understood to behave as both a particle and a wave, but this was the first time the duality has been imaged!


two for tuesday #1

A brand new blog, with brand-new features? Oh yes. I’ll start simple, with this one. Two for tuesday. Two things- maybe photos, quotes, poems, stories. Perhaps a link. Nothing huge. Just two. On tuesdays. Two, for tuesday. For these first two, I’m starting simple, with a recent photo and favourite poem, plus little teensy commentaries. All this is obvious, I know. But- I’m a little bit excited about it all. So I’m rambling. (I’ll stop now.)

I have a thing for this hallway. It’s in the building where I work, and each afternoon, as the sun starts to dip, it begins to light up. If you hit it at the wrong moment, you’ll be blinded. More often than not, you’ll be privy to these deep golds and oranges. I always feel lucky when I happen to catch an instant of that golden hour. Some days, I have to remind myself to take a moment to truly see, and take the beauty in. Weaving those tiny moments of joy and beauty into my day makes my days better.

This poem, by the incredible Samantha Reynolds of, is one I always come back to. It’s a true favourite, and feels like a perfect piece to fill this space with.

Your real quest
It is not enough
to find your passion

you must fight for it too

defend your right to crackle
with intensity

beware the gusts of distraction
and the erosion of your spark
that can happen when
you’re not looking

and when the muse
ignores your plea
become a warrior
that beats the deadness away

for this is your real quest anyway
to drink in the tiny changes
that can take an average life
and make it thunder with joy.