to twenty-two

Twenty-two. There are so many things I hope for you. Two weeks ago, you arrived. You’re here. I’m there. Then I blinked, and all of a sudden so much had changed.

An April birthday didn’t used to mark any sort of change. It wasn’t a change of seasons. It wasn’t a change of pace. It wasn’t a change in me, any more than any other day.

This year, twenty-two, you brought something new. Nothing clear enough to write. Just a change, this subtle shift. You brought the sun, and the oh-so-belated spring. You brought the flurry of S’s bachelorette. You brought exhaustion. You brought the end of this co-op term. You brought a quiet clarity. You brought realizations in this is how I think, this is how I work. And today, you bring a new term. Just as soon as work finished, school starts. Such is twenty-two.

I was hoping to project big things onto you, twenty-two. There are a few things. There are the weddings of some of our dearest. There will be love. There will be school, and all of the learning, comradery, and craziness that comes with that. With any luck, there will be a move to an as-yet-undetermined faraway place. There will be laughter. There will be more than I could ever expect.

Be gentle, twenty-two. You’re a special number to me, so you’re sure to be memorable. I’m looking forward to our adventures together.