two for tuesday #5

This week, most of my free moments were spent with All the Light We Cannot See in my hands. Lunch hours, waiting for the bus, at breakfast. All the in-between moments were spent reading it. The book centres upon two individuals during the second world war. Marie-Laure is a blind French girl, and Werner is a smart German orphan, recruited by the Nazis. Their stories weave together in coincidences. It was beautifully written, with lovely lines like: “From afar, the smoke appears strangely solid, as though carved from luminous wood.” and “There is only chance in this world, chance and physics.” The book’s short chapters (usually 2-3 pages each) made for a incredibly readable book, perfect for the in-between parts of my day.

My second thing, is this lovely song by Genevieve, which has been on repeat this week.